Join a Trip

One of the things FSM does is encourage people to take mission trips with us. This not only helps our children, staff and the work we do, but we see major change in the people who come on these life changing trips!

So in order to get ready here are a few tips and some items we require.

  • You must have your passport. Without this you cannot go, simple as that!
  • We supply you with a list of vaccines you will need and some you may choose to get to keep you healthy. We are traveling to areas that are remote and medical care may possibly be hard to find. We have local doctors who work with us that can help.
  • We supply you with the costs early so you can raise funds. We will take care of all your needs once you touch ground in Kenya/India. (Except your personal spending money.)
  • If you are coming with a group, then we shall meet with your group for question/answer time so we can meet and also get everything you want to ask answered.
  • Our group trips to Kenya are for 2 weeks. We will work at the children’s centre for about 8 days, then do safari for 3 days. You must go see the animals in Kenya! The remaining time is travel and shopping. You will leave the states on Fri or Sat and return two weeks later the same. This gives you Sunday to rest up from jet lag.
  • We are in malaria areas so malaria preventatives will need to be taken.
  • We will assist you with visa forms done about 1 month before leaving.